Years After Graduation

Reminiscing my experiences for the month of March.

It's March again. Some students in this month are marching to their graduation recitals. Waiting in a single line, shake hands with the head of the school, receiving their diploma (even though the original will be received a few months after), and taking a picture with your classmates and family. It feels good to relive that moment because it means that you have made it for entire years in your college days. But what happens after?

Most graduate students will do is to relax for the entire summer days before finding a job. This was not my case. A few days after graduation, someone messaged me if I'm interested in some work. My naive self in that time says yes and actually did some work for a week. However, I quit immediately since the online environment was very new to me.

However, my significant other found us a job that we could work together. Since it is office work, I learned experiences from the office work as well. Training, mentorships, office management, and many meetings. I also experience working overtime with compensation and learn how to deal with the higher management. It was a nice experience but my significant other and I decided to leave office work after a year.

After leaving our current work, we decided next to find work online by ourselves. Though in my case, I was able to convert my part-time online work (after working from the office) into a full-time one. Since I have free time around the night, I look for other work that will replace my vacant part-time job. Fortunately, I was accepted to online work and continue to grind the whole day, both part-time and full-time, while still at home. A dream work environment really came true for me.

But as the months go by, fatigue and stress come into play. Afraid that it might affect my future self, I decided to resign on both of my work then decided to find another else. Fortunately, I was accepted into a full-time online work full of interesting projects to work on. Instead of taking part-time work, I take project-based work with a limited time frame.

A few months later, I get an unexpected invitation from my previous client. He/she asked me and my significant other to move from my hometown to another city, which is completely new to us with a different set of people. Enticed by the offer, which is incredibly higher than what we are earning at that time, we were able to fly out to the city and start work from there.

The new environment was both fun and challenging since we need to adjust ourselves to the culture of the office environment. Though we discussed it with my significant other about what happens in our online work, we decided to stick with it and try it to balance for the whole day. So far it's been working as of now, though its taking toll on our sleeping time.

Remembering these moments, I never expect to get this kind of experience since graduation. Initially, what I really wanted after graduation is to relax for a while and continue working open-source projects which I'm passionate about. I'm still fortunate to experience these things though and hoping that I have more experiences to relive by in the next years.