Working in a Government Agency

Having excitement and stressful merged in a single environment.

I've been working in a government agency from the past months and it's been a wild ride. To work far from home, from friends, from family, and really far from the comfort zone. But I just use the mindset that I will overcome this fear someday and utilize or leverage this opportunity to gain new and unique experiences and be exposed to their culture as well.

As days passed by, the paperwork stressed me out. I then realized that there is no process in a government that is not documented. What comes in and what goes out is vital in our day-to-day operations. To ensure the continuity of the current services, I was assigned to rework and improve their current in-house internal applications. For me, it was a fun and challenging experience because this gives me the opportunity to use my learnings from my past work and use my created libraries and frameworks such as Slytherin in developing the mentioned applications. With this, I hope that I could integrate Zapheus into it in the future.

Fast forward to now, the reworked applications are now live internally and my colleagues gave us positive feedback about it. Some processes were streamlined and improved the processes of our day-to-day operations. It makes me happy because I really notice the improvement of their processes because of our work.

But it doesn't stop there. There are still many applications that are pending and it needs to be worked on. Though these are challenging, I'm having fun in doing it because I laid the framework for it and improved our development workflow. I hope I can still improve our agency for a few years to come.