New Year, Same Me

Just a little improved version, incrementing the year.

It is now the year 2019 and this will be the month that most of the people will post something like "Page x of 365", or "New Year, New Me" scattered across social media. While it's been good to start the new year with new resolutions, I always observed that some people don't share the same consistency or commitment in the next months as they were doing in the first month of the year. As for myself, that was the case before. I always post something that I will be a better version of me than last year (like I said in the last month's post, which is quite ironic), and not doing anything in reality to materialize those sayings.

Looking back around 2017, my Body Mass Index (BMI) told me I was overweight and it really makes me anxious to think about it. With more than 80kg of weight and around 160cm tall, I need to make an action about it. Even though I do not care about my physical appearance as long my significant other still loves me in that time, I have always a feeling that I'm losing self-confidence because of this.

So my significant other and I made a plan on how to lose weight. Initially, I started thinking that I should eat less (either without rice or having fasting) but I scrap it afterwards as I believe that my body cannot adjust to the drastic change of behaviour. For two months before ending the year 2017, we tried to eat with half of the rice we usually eat before. No workouts yet, we were just trying to change our eating habit. Then as we feel that our bodies were adjusted to the new behaviour, we started doing exercises in the year 2018. Instead of following the trend of going to the gym during January, we started by jogging 5km per day after work. It might be short but at least were working by little. Since then, we were happy because every week we lose some weight with small margins.

From 80kg around 2017, I am currently around 65kg this year. It might not be much based on the years I worked out but at least something has changed, and it put me back to the normal status in the BMI. I was so happy that the clothes that were just fit for me before are now looking too large in my current body. To continue and maintain these changes, I make myself a goal this year to achieve the 60kg to 55kg weight range.

With that change and based on the good result, I want to continue the good things that happen to me. Hence the title "New Year, Same Me". Technically I was changed in the last few years, but I hope that this year I will be able to maintain my weight, improve my knowledge more, and to gain more experiences for me to share to others.