Migrating from Angular to Staticka

Creating a static site generator tool from scratch.

Since the inception of this website, this was built on Jekyll since it is the starting platform for Github Pages. Then I migrated it to Angular 1 with the hopes of learning new techniques and new features on the said framework. Since this was not the case anymore, I decided to migrate it back to a new platform, coming back to the roots from my PHP understanding.

As I lurk for latest news in Hacker News website, I noticed that specific static site generators were on the rise. I think this was the trend for now as more people are diving in creating their own websites without the sophistication of publishing HTML, CSS, and Javascript files into a platform.

Going through a bunch of static site generators, most of them are written in Javascript. In the PHP world, I found Sculpin as a tool for generating static sites. Actually I've used it initially for creating a simple page but I decided to create a separate tool for it, hence creating Staticka.

Staticka is just yet another static site generator in PHP. It mainly parses Markdown content and converts it into a static HTML file. Since the creation of this library, I decided to migrate this website built into a new platform, and the result is having the blog posts (including this one) that I've created since the start of this year.

After the migration, it feels that I own this website besides that this was hosted on Github's servers. With the content that I wrote and being compiled with the tools that I created, it makes myself to strive harder in learning new techniques and create new projects that can improve my knowledge and growth for the few months to come.