Hello World

An obligatory first blog post in this platform.

This seems to be my very first entry in writing a blog post. I'm currently setting this website as a starting point for learning more about Angular 1 and how to generate a static site using the said framework. Currently it has only the basic functionalities like showing my current work experiences and publishing of blog posts like this one.

In the next few days (months, or even years), I'll try to make some improvements on this website as I learn something new. I might post something about life as well, making sure that I'm also a human and not a digital persona found in the Internet. As well as create some blog posts for my PHP packages that were on my Github profile.

Most personal blog sites has this only specific post, "Hello World". However, some of them are not updated anymore, just marking it as a specific time when the blog site is created. For me, I would like this site to grow as I grow more on myself. Hoping to myself that I will continue to openly express my thoughts on this platform of my own.