Christmas Holidays

Remembering the things that were achieved for this year.

This is now the last month for the year 2018 and the Christmas holidays. The month where some of the lucky people will receive their salary bonuses and will receive gifts from their special people. This will also be the month that I will be taking a break from government-related work, even though that break is not paid since I'm not eligible yet for a leave.

Introductions aside, this current year has been a roller coaster ride. From working online shifting to working in a government agency, and creating projects that I'm currently passionate about and being used by other people is been a great feeling for me. Now that this year is coming to a close, I would like to thank all of the people that are always helping me through my struggles. From my family, friends, especially my dearest girlfriend, and to all acquaintances that I have met this year. Even though you might not see this post, thank you for keeping me in check.

With that said, I was hoping that there will be new opportunities waiting for me for the year 2019. More acquaintances to meet, more projects to work, more programming techniques to learn, and more experiences to remember. I also hope to become a better person, even by little, than I was today for more years to come.